BEING is a photographic celebration of people & their human stories. I specialize in Children/Family, Artists, Rebels, Comedians and, uh, Lightworkers (read: my favorites). An integral part of my photography obsession also includes the Crazy-Rad-Mixed-Media Art/Design I create with photos as the main ingredient, both digital and analog (or a mix of the two). With a heavy Eco-Concious and change-driven vision, I work with a cadre of talented LA artists and forward-thinking suppliers to bring my creations to life.

Namaste -Robyn

My LA Shop & Studio is located in the heart of Studio City at 3949 Laurelgrove Ave.,
Come see what I'm up to or Give a Call: 323.446.4373! Let's make something fantastic!

Check out my newest project...BEING : : HOME -- Product & Design Services "For the Picture Perfect Life," just launched on Mother's Day in honor of my Mom. Online orders available at and my shop will be ready to rock retail in June! I hope you likie!! I'm soooo excited to pull the sheet off this baby!!